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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

The Concept of Perfection

The Solo Concentration of Energy
The Concept of Perfection

Perfection is the state of flawlessness or supreme excellence. Many think that perfection is nothing more than a sensory illusion which is never achievable. It's true that your faults and flaws literally make you unique the way you are. If you try to achieve perfection singlehandedly, you are more likely to fail. This happens because excellence is the only thing, you can achieve alone, not perfection. Your attempt to achieve individual perfection eventually leaves you unhappy and it can also hold you from your achievements. Some people mistakingly think that symmetry is the signature of perfection especially when the opposite of which is the truth. Actually speaking, nothing exists in the Universe with symmetry. Even your face is the sign of aurofacial asymmetry. You can definitely notice the fluctuating asymmetry when it comes to the way the bilateral features such as eyes, lips, ears, thighs, breasts and testicles in your body is arranged. In some individuals, it appears that bilateral asymmetry is more evident than others. This happens because Asymmetry is actually the signature of perfection when it comes to Creation. The Creation always works with asymmetry. Asymmetry is actually the type of balance which can even be used in your interior design. All the planets in the solar system maintain their peculiar asymmetry. The repetition of symmetrical arrangement also has a tendency to make you feel monotonous over time, which is in relation to the way your brain process things. 

A) What your imperfection is: Everyone is born with many imperfections and this happens because a simulated life makes you get evolved further through your lessons and experiences. You are supposed to convert your apparent imperfection into excellence by effort. First of all, never get obsessed with the idea of perfection, which actually holds you back instead of moving you  ahead. You are supposed to reveal your imperfections rather than hide them. It actually doesn't drive people from you, but it draws people to you instead. Always remember that the idea of perfection doesn't allow you to make any changes. In other words, it stops you from improving further. Imperfection always gives you the chance to adapt and learn. Your mistakes and failures are so valuable that you get evolved further, learning lessons from them. Being human means imperfect and capable of evolving out of imperfection. When you closely look into the idea of perfection, you can easily notice that you are using it as a cover for your fear. Do what you want the way you can. Never aim for perfection. If it fails, learn from your mistake and re-do it. Use your life as you do with your camera. Take shots from different angles until you feel that it's ok. Always remember to follow your passion and you tend to fail more often especially when you chase someone else's passion. Use your imprecation for your progress. The more you try to work on yourself, the more you get excellent. You have to use your free will and consciousness with which you can even nullify the effects of your Karma. Helen Keller made people respect her imperfection of disability. Scientists such as Einstein and Edison faced some imperfections in terms of learning disabilities at early stages of life and they worked on it and improved themselves. The former US president Franklin Roosevelt, rose to become one of the greatest presidents despite his bodily imperfections. These greatest personalities show how one can achieve the goals converting imperfection into perfection

B) What your perfection is: Perfection is achievable only through cooperation or collaboration with the like minded especially when it's done with the whole hearted, passionate involvement from everyone cooperated. This happens because of the fact that people are coming up with different inborn talents according to their Karma. When you produce something, be it a piece of art, architecture, literature, project, product or technology through combined efforts, you can definitely achieve perfection. The Creation becomes perfect when everyone involved in the process co-creates. If you think that the divine Creation is perfect, this happens because the divine never does anything singlehandedly. God is never a single entity. As perfection is something that can be achievable only through cooperation, what you can achieve individually is your excellence. The individual excellence is achievable through the internal and external focus on yourself. When it comes to your internal focus, you are supposed to be confident. Maintain healthy diet as much as you can. Include more Sattvic food items. Nurture the good qualities of kindness, empathy and compassion. Be friendly and follow patience, mutual respect and forgiveness. Follow anger management and try to be direct as much as you can. Practice Mediation and Love. When it comes to the external aspects of your excellence, you're supposed to follow good hygiene and make sure that you get a good night's sleep. Always try to dress to your ideals. Do exercise regularly... 


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