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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The Elemental Composition of Matter

The Sanskrit term Guna means Quality. Guna is the fundamental feature of Nature. Guna, when it comes to human life, is extremely important because your characteristics are thoroughly influenced by GunasKarma is the real asset you make out of a Simulated Life span. Karma shapes the Vibratory Frequency of your Soul, and the Elemental Composition of your body is done according to the frequency level, you maintain from a previous Birth Cycle. This is how your Soul gets qualified to choose the Zodiac Sign and your next birth cycle of evolution. It's your Zodiac Sign that actually fixes your basic Guna. But you are powerful enough to nullify the effects of your Gunas through the actual employment of your Free Will and Consciousness. There are there types of basic Gunas namely The Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic Gunas, which form the basic human nature. Everyone of you has the mixture of all these three Gunas and your Zodiac Sign determines which Guna is dominant in you by birth. The influence of Guna is not restricted to humans only, but it's the basic quality of Matter, which means that whatever you see outside, be it an object or organism, is thoroughly influenced by the Gunas. As sentient beings, only humans are capable of overcoming the influence from the Gunas. Everything in the Universe including you, does have the mixture of all these Gunas. Some Gunas are dominant in you by default according to your Zodiac Sign and no Guna is present in you with its absolute quality.

A) The Sattvic Quality (Sattva Guna): It's your spiritual quality. The Element of Space, mixed in your body's composition emits the Sattvic Quality. It's the pure spiritual quality you have. When you have your Sattvic Quality activated, you become free from the filtered consciousness. And you tend to improve the level of emotional intelligence. A Sattvic is generally knowledgeable, intelligent and wise. And a Sattvic always practices Love with generosity and kindness. Fostering Sattvic Guna helps your Soul get graduated into higher plains. You have the Heart & Brain Coherence and your Vibratory Frequency is resonated at its best. The Sattvic people are kind, non-violent and self- controlled by nature. They maintain silent demeanor and are focused on Mind Control and mutual respect. Anyone can improve the Sattvic Quality by effort. The Souls, born under the Zodiac Signs of Virgo, Gemini, Pisces & Sagittarius express Sattvic Quality by default. Most of the Souls under the above mentioned Zodiac Signs are Old Souls who have been qualified to be born with this Quality. The celestial bodies like The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are considered to be Sattvic by quality. Meditation focused the Sattvic Quality, when done regularly ignites your muscle memory to make Sattvic actions from your part. Sattvic people tend to take Sattvic food items. Your Sattvic Quality can be improved by the intake of food items which maintain Sattvic energy. The Sattvic food items include fresh vegetables, fruit items, sprouts, whole grain, honey, seeds, nuts, lentils, fresh herbs, and milk and dairy products, made free from animal rennet. A Sattvic mind is spiritual in quality as it's focused on selfless service. The over focus given on this quality can make you indifferent with simulated, materialistic life.

B) The Rajasic Quality (Rajas Guna):
Actually speaking, it's your active quality which helps you achieve your passion and desire. It's your enthusiasm, interest and activity. But if you give more focus on this particular quality, you are likely to be greedy. And you become restless by nature. Rajasic people with the dominant Rajasic Quality suffer from the issues in relation to the materialistic attachment. They always want to get benefitted from their actions. In other words, the focus on Rajasic Quality leaves you selfish. And you can't differentiate between what's right and wrong. Owing to the dominance of self-interest in these individuals, they have a distorted picture of what’s right and what’s wrong. The dominant Rajasic Guna makes you more violent, selfish and impulsive. It makes you have competitive spirit with great passion. The planets Mercury and Venus are considered to be Rajasic by quality. Those who are born under the Zodiac Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are Rajasic by nature. The Air Element of Matter emits the Rajasic Quality by default. The Element of Fire emits the mixture of both Sattvic and Rajasic Qualities. The Rajasic people are naturally fond of Rajasic food items. The Rajasic food items are fresh but heavy, which can improve the Rajasic quality in you. The Rajasic food items include the fresh non-vegetarian food items, you take like fish, meat, chicken and heavy vegetables and hot spices like garlic, chillies, onions and pepper. You are supposed to control the intake of Rajasic food items. A Rajasic mindset is self-centered by quality as it gives more importance to the sense organs.

C) The Tamasic Quality: It's your material quality which is acquired from expectations, hopes or illusions. This quality can leave you idle. Those with dominant Tamasic Quality become extremely apprehensive or cautious. They tend to seek revenge. Engulfed by cynicism and disillusionment, the Tamasic people can be extremely violent with terrorist tendencies if they give more focus on the quality. Tamasic guna also suggests disillusionment and cynicism. The Tamasics are lazy and destructive by nature. They can be extremely possesive or attached to someone or something. They do hard work only to achieve their selfish goals. And as they get a filtered vision of separation, they don't care what happens to you or your life. The Tamasic people, if left imbalanced, tend to remain away from wisdom, as a result of which they make thoughts, emotions and actions triggered out of pure ignorance. The Element of Earth emits Tamasic quality while the Element of Water produces the mixed effects of both Sattvic and Tamasic Qualities. The planets Saturn and Mars are considered to be Tamasic by quality. The Zodiac Signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, have dominant Tamasic Guna by default. A Tamasic mind, as it's filled with ego and pride is lethargic and disconnected by quality. The Tamasic people tend to like Tamasic food items more. The Tamasic food items include all stale or processed food items including fish, meat, overripe or underripe fruit items or vegetables, oily food items, fermented food items like bread, cakes, pastries, vinegar, alcohol, leftovers etc. You are supposed to avoid such food items completely.

D) How to balance The Trigunas: Even though your Zodiac Sign and Elemental Composition of your body fix the imbalance of Trigunas, you are powerful enough to keep the Gunas balanced through your actual employment of consciousness and free will. You are supposed to re-order your life style. Practice food control and include more of the Sattvic food items in your diet. It's 100% necessary that you have to maintain regular exercise at least for half an hour with your heart pounding and body sweating. It's necessary that you need to practice Meditation for 5 to 15 minutes focusing on the inner visualization and reaffirmation of balancing the Gunas inside you. This is how you can reprogram your brain and moving on, it helps the brain change the neurochemistry the way you want. Lucid Dreaming can also be used with the same purpose. And follow deep breathing where you can hold the breath, taken in, for a while and get it released slowly and regular practice of which can improve your immune power with the balanced Gunas. Practice Love as much as you can, which is going to make your Vibratory Order at its best, balancing your Gunas without your knowledge.


Tridoshas: The Elemental Composition of Matter, also produces Tridoshas, and when it comes to your body, it's way more important. Tridoshas literally means three fundamental energy forms which influence Matter and when it comes to your body, Tridoshas govern the physical and emotional function of your body. The three energies are known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha forms of energy. If unbalanced, you are likely to suffer from these energies as they can control your emotions and behavioral patterns and can also cause a number of diseases.

A) The Vata Dosha: The Vata energy in your body is made of the mixture of Air & Space Elements. As a result, the energy maintains the quality of both Elements. Vata Dosha mainly corresponds to the Element of Air. The Souls who are born under the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius come up with Vata energy a little bit more in their constitution. The Vata energy is light, dry, cool and mobile by quality. If unbalanced, those with dominant Vata constitution tend to move and speak quickly. Their bones can be thin, bodies light and hair and skin dry. Imbalance of this energy can cause weight loss, constipation, weakness in immune and nervous system in their bodies. A balanced Vata energy can make these people more talkative, energetic, creative and enthusiastic. An imbalanced Vata energy makes them suffer from a number of behavioral, emotional and health related issues like, confusion in decision making, trouble in terms of sleeping, stress, worry, fear, anxiety, Asthma, skin problems, heart diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis, gas trouble, paralysis, body pain, nerve pain and Alzheimer's and Sciatica. The imbalance of Vata energy if not regulated, gets automatically activated when it comes to the rainy season. As a result, people in general and the Vata people in particular are likely to suffer from aches and pains, paralysis and sprains, skin diseases and allergies. The planets of Mercury and Saturn emit Vata energy.

B) The Pitta Dosha: Pitta energy is the mixture of Fire & Water Elements. Pitta Dosha is mainly linked to the Element of Fire. The Souls bearing the Zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio actually come up with a little bit more of Pitta energy by default. The Pitta energy is sharp, hot and penetrative by quality. The Pitta constitution is volatile and oily by nature. The Pitta people feel warm quickly and have smooth skin with penetrating eyes, good musculature and sharp features. Their body if balanced, maintains moderate weight and they tend to be more focused when it comes to their goals. They are more competitive, communicative and courageous. Their ability to solve problems under stress is praiseworthy. They are the best friends and worst enemies. An imbalanced Pitta energy in their body can easily produce skin rashes, diarrhea, weakness in blood and spleen, liver related issues and infections. An imbalanced Pitta energy makes the Pitta people speak with sharp tongue and they tend to suffer from the emotional issues like uncontrolled anger, jealousy, and resentment and diseases like Ulcer, Acidity, Gallbladder, bile and liver disorder, hives and rashes. The Sun and Mars emit Pitta energy. If unbalanced, the Pitta energy can be activated especially when it comes to the summer season where people in general and the Pitta people in particular may suffer from Hypertension, Acidity, Jaundice, bleeding and various types of fevers.

C) The Kapha Dosha: The mixture of  Water & Earth Elements create the Kapha energy. The energy is cool, moist, stable and heavy in quality. The Souls, born under the Zodiac Signs of Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces come up with Kapha constitution. The manifestation of Kapha energy is evident in their bodies. The Kapha people maintain lustrous body and dense bones. They maintain low metabolism and large, stocky frames. A balanced Kapha energy makes these people super strong both physically and emotionally. They tend to handle stress well and are very stable by nature. It's pretty difficult for you to change such people as they are more conservative by approach. They want to keep things around them as they are. They tend to seek comfort always and lack motivation. An imbalanced Kapha energy makes these people suffer from heavy emotions of depression and lethargy. An imbalanced Kapha energy can leave them overweight. And they tend to suffer from sinus infection, mucus related issues and weakness in lungs. They are likely to develop Diabetes mellitus. Jupiter and Moon emit the Kapha energy and the Kapha energy goes activated during the winter season if kept unbalanced. The people in general and Kapha people in particular may develop a number of diseases such as respiratory disorders, Pleurisy, swollen lymph glands, Tuberculosis, cough, Bronchitis, and heart diseases.

D) How to balance the Tridosha: Re-organizing the life style is 100% needed. Follow regular exercise. Drink plenty of water which can detoxify your body with the energies going balanced. Never over drink watar. Follow deep breathing and regular Meditation focused on the balance of energies with the same inner visualization and reaffirmation. The imbalance of Vata energy can be triggered in anyone if they maintain irregular sleep, over focus on fear, worry, grief, stress, over travelling, excessive exercise, sex, or mental activity, suppression of natural urges, exposure to injuries, surgery, old age irregularity, winter, insufficient diet or over intake of pungent, bitter and astringent tastes. The Vata people are adviced to include more vegetables and herbs In their diet, including ginger. Have warm food items and drinks instead of cool items. It's good to maintain light and dry foods. Avoid food items with more oil. Never take raw or undercooked meals. Wear warm clothes. Use brown sugar in tea or coffee. Administer body massage and have steam bath. The imbalance of Pitta energy can be developed in anyone if they undergo over exertion, over work, over talking, over alcohol, tobacco and caffeine consumption, focus on anger, hate and jealousy, over intake of hot, spicy, salty and sour food items, fasting, middle age irregularity, summer, or over exposure to heat or sunlight. Those with Pitta constitution is supposed to take cool food items and drinks. Dry food items are recommended. Avoid alcohol intake, red meat consumption and processed food items. Drink plenty of water. Have regular exercise and Meditation. Include Avocado, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, okra, lettuce, potato, pumpkin, celery and mushrooms. Have fruits like berries, cherries, apples, apricots, coconut, dates, mangoes, orange, strawberries, grapes etc. Include oats, wheat, and rice but avoid corn, millet, brown rice and yeasted bread. Anyone can get exposed to the imbalance of Kapha energy if they have excessive sleep in the daytime, over eating, excessive use of heavy, oily, cold, sweet, sour and salty food items, lack of exercise and mental activity, childhood irregularity, spring time or excessive exposure to cold and damp climatic conditions. The Kapha people are adviced to have regular physical exercise and Meditation and consume low fat/ calorie diary products. Never use any sweeteners except for honey. Include only light oils like sunflower oil and organic meat in diet. Liquid diet including light fruits like apples, pears, watermelon, pomegranates, apricots and cranberries and organic vegetables, millet, rice, oats and wheat is recommended. In a nutshell, you can balance Tridoshas with regular exercise, mind control, food control, healthy diet,  Meditation, proper oxygenation, hydration and the practice of Love....