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THE REVERSE STRATEGY You are a combination of trillions of cells which are regenerative by nature. Your entire  body undergoes a process of cellular replication which is a step by step process. Most of your skin and gut are replaced within months and cells in your liver are replaced in three years. Cells in your brain , heart ,  skeleton and other organs are also replicated within 5 to 10 years or more and the process of replication is totally different from one person to another. Even though your organs are replacing their cells, the age process definitely affects the overall replacement process. It's very good to include more vegetable items, nuts, seeds, fruits and berries in your diet as they can improve the process of replacement.  The value of your body : You have taken a body to experience things that are never possible without a body. But, when you enter the  simulated reality   game of life, it appears that you forget the value of your body. And you tend

The Practice of Upasana

How to do Sun Salutation?

The ancient people did have the practice of energy concentration that the modern people hardly follow. There were masters who manipulated energy for the good when the dark occultists practiced the same for evil purposes. In the universe, everything is available with neutral quality and it's the practitioner's employment of consciousness that fixes whether something can be negatively or positively recharged or used. In a Universe where everything is energy, energy management matters a lot more. As a sentient being, you are powerful enough to practice energy concentration. It's through your thoughts that first step of energy concentration begins. When you amplify your energy concentration with your feelings, what literally happens is that it prompts you to take up necessary actions. In other words, your manifestation is processed and realized through energy concentration.

What Upasana is: Upasana is the ancient Vedic occult practice of energy concentration. The Sanskrit term Upasana (upāsanā) means nothing but worship or sitting near. Upasana is the practice with which you gain proximity to the subject or specific goal of your Upasana. It's the practice through which you fix your mind on the subject of your focus in such a way that there's no difference between your mind and the subject. In other words, you are becoming the subject of your focus psychologically and it's the necessary achievement before the realization of your goal or target. In Upasana, what you do is enter a meditative mode with the total awareness that there's only one living being in the Universe and everything is not the part but full of that only one being. As a result, you get the awareness that the subject of your focus and you are one and the difference or distance which is physically perceivable is only sensory illusion. It's the practice where you employ your consciousness way beyond your senses. The moment when you find out that there is no more difference between you and the object of your focus, you can be one with the object, be it a thing, a person, or a goal, achieving the same vibratory equation. First of all, understand the fact that Upasana is both of your mental and physical transformation into the subject of your focus and it's done through a step by step process. The practice of Upasana transforms your level of energy into the absolute energy and you reach a powerful state called Sadhna where you maintain the absolute energy while sharing it for the common good. There are three major streams or types of Upasana.

The Meditative Upasana: The first stream of Upasana is called the Upasana by means of meditation or Meditative (Dhyana) Upasana. Those who are interested in meditation can practice this type of Upasana. The practitioner is instructed to start meditation, focused on the self. Have the inner visualization that the quality and being of yourself gets expanded and the elemental composition of your body gets obliterated and you get transitioned into the supreme self. Imagine that your spirit is full of the Universe and it imbibes energy directly from the Universe. In other words, you free yourself from the clutches of being attached to yourself through this meditative pattern. You identify yourself as the Brahma or God. You see yourself in different forms, colors, names, desires, odours and tastes. Everything is your versions. And in the whole cosmos there's nothing but you. You are the Universe itself. As a next step, you are focusing on the object or target of your meditation. With the recognition that there's no difference between you and your desired outcome or goal and that you have already achieved your goal, you finish this mode of Upasana. Your desired outcome is only another version of yourself as a result, you can easily achieve it. At the end of this type of Upasana, you feel that you have achieved your goal and the things you can do after having achieved the goal. You can fix the duration of this meditative Upasana as long as you like. It's recommended that you do this Upasana for 10 to 15 minutes early in the morning after you have got up or before you go to bed at night. Regularization of this Upasana paves way for your psychological transformation. You understand the fact that you are way more powerful than you have ever thought about yourself. This is how you free yourself from the shackles of social engineering, you have been victimized. You know the fact that your power and skills are way beyond your body and with the free will, you can achieve anything you want. With Regularized Meditative Upasana, every single cell of your body is infused with confidence and power and every single moment you get muscle memory to take necessary actions to achieve your goals as fast as possible. Many of the monks follow this type of Upasna. In order to get the best results, you are also supposed to make your life more service oriented.

The Offerable Upasana: It's the second stream of Upasana. It's the ritual oriented practice of Upasana, where you seek some external help in the form of offerings (Puja) in order to concentrate on the subject or goal of Upasana. The offerings, you do are the metaphorical assistance, you employ to strengthen your concentration on the goal. It can be practiced by those who are not well- versed in meditation. Here, the practitioner is instructed to focus on the goal through the employment of sound, symbols, idols, and rituals. Understand the fact that these are the metaphors, you use to achieve the maximum level of concentration on your goal. The practitioner chants some recitals or mantras or offer something like water, food, clothes, incense, fire, circumambulation or any other materials to a deity of choice with the inner visualization that the practitioner has been more powerful now and has also been physically and mentally ready to achieve the goal. At the end of this Upasana, the practitioner feels the results of having achieved the goal and do whatever is possible to get it physically realized. Here, what the practitioner does is taking some external help in the form of some offering to fortify the focus on the goal and through the ritualistic offerings the practitioner becomes mentally 100% ready for achieving the goal. The physical achievement in terms of your life is the result or reflection of your mental achievement that has already been done. In other words, the physical realization of your goal happens only after your mental realization. The Offerable Upasana leaves you 100% ready for the mental realization of your goal in such a way that it triggers actions from your part every single moment to achieve the goal physically. A practitioner can choose a favorite deity and the ritualistic offerings are done in front of the deity, being worshipped in the form of symbols or idols. This stream of Upasana is done with the physical purification after a ritualistic shower and mental purification of deleting all other thoughts except for the one on your goal. In some situations, the invocation of the deity, chosen is also possible. The invocation is done through the inner visualization that the deity, concerned is extremely pleased and the practitioner is given full of energy. What the practitioner literally does is imbibe the power directly from the Universe via the metaphorical assistance of a deity and get positively recharged and ready for the total transformation to achieve the goal. The invocation can be done negatively or positively. The Universe assists you to achieve both of your positive and negative goals, but the results always come back to you, be it positive or negative. The evolved positive or negative entities of higher grade are always out there to expand their kingdom and invocation can also be used as your call of assistance in terms of achieving your goal. You can feed your positive or negative polarization through the invocation of the entities, concerned. These entities can work through you. In other words, you become a servile tool for the entities to achieve their mission. With the invocation you become more energized and extra focused on the goal and as a result, you get favorable situations or synchronicities to achieve your goals easily. The Offerable Upasana is widely practiced among the dark occultists. They do have the history of offering even human and animal sacrifices to achieve the desired results. Invocation is the employment of your consciousness in such a way that you get more energized and focused on the goal, channelizing and imbibing the energy from the Universe. The Offerable Upasana can be performed through offerings, done on symbols, images, idols, or even on your partner and that's what Tantra is all about.  This type of Upasna is ideal for the people who have family orientated life. With this Upasana, you can also worship the sacred feminine or masculine qualities of energy in the form of a person, idol or image and use it for energizing or realizing your goals. This sort of worship is performed with the inner visualization of the deity or person as your mother/father/ sister/brother/partner/consort. Offerings are done to please them through which you energize yourself and your focus must be on the realization of your goal and a service oriented life. 

The devotional Upasana: This is another important stream of Upasana and it's the practice of devotion (Bhakti) to the Universe. This type of Upasana gives more importance to the practical aspect. Devotion is the realization that you are not the part, but full of the supreme being or the Universe. As a result, you recognize the fact that everything is your own extension. And everything you want is already existing or available in the Universe. The difference you feel now between you and your subject of Upasna is the optical illusion of vibration. Once you raise up your vibratory frequency, exactly in alignment with what you want, you literally get what you want. The Devotional Upasana is your attempt to reach your goal, through the mixture of your thoughts, emotions and actions with which you change your existing reality into what you want. With Devotional Upasana, a practitioner can pick a deity of choice that is the personification of the Universe itself or else it can be practiced without any deity by means the observance of love. Here, a practitioner becomes so devotional that the practitioner becomes the full of the deity, being worshipped. The practitioner can use devotional songs or chants to get engulfed by the supreme being. The practice of love and empathy makes the practitioner so pure that his/ her vibratory frequency is enhanced and the practitioner becomes more energized. With this transformation, the practitioner can easily achieve the goal and the practitioner gets guidance from the Universe always in the form of intuitive hits and favorable life situations. The Devotional Upasana can also be done through becoming 100% committed or devoted to a particular person or cause with your life, more sevice oriented. 

How you are benefitted by Upasana: The positive concentration and practice of the aforementioned, three types of Upasana can definitely liberate a soul, besides which these are the techniques through which one acquires strong muscle memory to do the needful to realize the target or goal as fast as possible. The urgent need to achieve your goal is always amplified inside your mind and you tend to make use of every single opportunity for the same. And you even without your knowledge achieve some kind of internal transformation which enables you to achieve the physical transformation. You get convinced and realized that you get the power from the Universe to achieve your target. Usually people do have different goals and targets, most of which lie unachievable. This happens because of the fact that your goal is simply carried inside the mind only and the goal is not reaffirmed, the way it's needed. The practice of Upasana is what makes you realize the goal. Whatever Upasana you do, the goal is strictly reaffirmed in your thoughts and feelings in such a way that you always take necessary actions for realizing your goals. And your vibratory frequency is so strengthened that you always get the muscle memory to take up necessary actions for achieving your target. The same away, a service orientated life pattern which must be followed, can also enhance your frequency day by day and as a result, you get a lot of intuitive hits, favorable opportunities, synchronicities and people that can help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible... 


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