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Your Vibratory Equation

You are a pitch of vibratory  energy  with its unique resonant frequency.  Spiritually speaking, your overall  vibratory value is called your vibratory equation which is totally different from people to people in accordance with the level of consciousness , one has maintained. In the Universe, everything including yourself is in the constant motion. The state of being stationary is simply sensory illusion. Resonance is, actually speaking, some sort of motion or oscillation between two or more different states. Even stationary objects are actually vibrating, oscillating or resonating at different frequencies. All matter is, actually speaking, vibrations of different states. The so-called  miracles happen especially when your vibrations are in sync with one another or different vibrating things come into proximity and vibrate together at the same frequency.  A) Role of consciousness in your vibratory equation : Your vibratory order or equation can be modified accord

The Healing Touch Technique

The Practice of Yajna
The Healing Touch Technique

You are full of the Universe in your unique way. And you are as powerful as the Universe is and you represent the Universe in a body. You are way more powerful than you have ever thought about yourself. Your skills are limited only when you think and feel that way as a result of societal mis-programing or the lack of confidence, which is triggered by the background, you have. As a sentient being, your skills or power can be as pervasive as the Universe itself. 

Energy is your true self: In a Universe where everything is energy, you are part of it. You are, actually speaking, a pitch of vibratory order, entrapped voluntarily in a body. Every single cell of your body works as a receptor and conductor of energy. In other words, your entire body works like an antenna to be tapped into the quantum energy. You can channelize energy, the way you want according to the employment of consciousness. Your vibratory order is susceptible to vibratory fluctuations always. Consciousness is the way through which you can manipulate, manage and customize your energy field. Consciousness, in other terms is the practical skills of energy management, you achieved via your experience and evolution through repeated birth cycles. Your physical body is the energy field, being controlled and propelled by the inner core energy which is nothing but your spirit. The volume and frequency of your spirit is strengthened through multiple souls, you make via different simulated birth cycles. Actually speaking, your energy field is the combination of the energy from your body and spirit. You can change the physical energy field or body and get evolved. It's like you change your smartphone and operate it with the same sim card. Energy is interconnected everywhere, which means that your energy field is extended way beyond your skin and body. And this is where healing touch technique plays a vital role. 

What healing touch technique is: The energy field in your body is the reflection of your inner core energy field. Even though you can raise your frequency level via a step by step process, your core vibratory equation is shaped by your karmic quality from your previous birth cycle. It's the employment of your consciousness that determines the energy flow throughout your body. In other words, you enjoy good health especially when you vibrate at your best and the disruptions in terms of the energy flow adversely affect your overall physical and mental health. Your illness, pain, distress, diseases, depression, symptoms of mental health etc can be linked to the imbalances in the energy flow. Healing touch technique is used to reorder and re-energize the receiver's energy flow patterns. The technique can definitely remove the blocks in terms of the flow of energy on the receiver's body. It's the recharging technique with which you manipulate the energy blockage. Once the flow of energy is free from the blockage, the healing process starts. Anyone can be a touch healer. Some souls are born with touch healing capacity, which is the signature of evolution. Healing touch is the technique with which you heal a person via your concentrated touch. 

How it is done: It works as a physical and psychological bond between the healer and receiver. A receiver can either lie comfortably on a table or sit in a chair. The part of the body where healing is supposed to be done needs to be left naked for the most effective benefit. But you can do it with clothes on, too. Before the healing touch technique begins, the practitioner enters a meditative mode where the practitioner strengthens the inner visualization that the energy from the Universe is imbibed and the practitioner is thoroughly energized. The meditative mode helps the healer reduce distraction and get connected with the receiver. As a next step, the healer scans and checks the imbalance of energy flow, especially on the part of the body, the receiver wants to be healed. Very next step is the practitioner's attempt to bring back the usual flow of energy via gentle touching on different, vital parts of the body. What the healer literally does is recharging the chakras of your body via gentle touch and channelization of energy through the strongest possible inner visualization. The gentle touch, performed on your body from the feet, moving up to each joint in the body gives you soothing sensation and makes the energy flow balanced. The activation of chakras helps you maintain the flow of energy always, which can be done all by yourself. Healing touch is totally different from a massage therapy. During a healing touch session, what the healer does is let her/his fingers brush over the energy field in your body, facilitating the energy flow. The gentle touch is so powerful that it causes electromagnetic impulses throughout the energy field in such a way they can remove the blockage of energy flow. 

Why healing touch is at work: Actually speaking, you are the living bio-magnetic field. Your entire body is emitting and receiving energy. It's possible from your end to measure the bio-magnetic waves, emanating from your hands by using a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID). It's your spirit's vibration that always re-energizes your energy field. The energy congestion is caused by a variety of reasons in relation to your physical and mental health. What a healer does is recharge your field of energy with concentrated energy which can clear the imbalance in the energy field. The energy field plays a vital role in terms of integrating your body, mind and soul. It's the imbalance in the energy field that results in your illness. Once it's cleared, it necessitates your wellness. With your thought, feeling and action, you generate the strongest possible electromagnetic waves which can literally make alterations in terms of the existing frequency of matter. In other words, you can change matter through the combined process of your aligned thoughts, emotions and actions. 

What it's used for: Healing touch can be done for your physical and psychological well-being. It's the best technique through which you can practice pain management. Healing touch technique can be used to treat physical and emotional pain, cardiovascular diseases, post-operative recovery, endocrine dysfunction, cancer symptoms, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress etc. It's recommended that you can do it on a daily or weekly basis either with the help of your partner or a professional practitioner. During a healing touch session, what is important is the way you focus and the way you strengthen your inner visualization. The best results are possible especially when it's done by a practitioner who vibrates at her/his best. The service oriented life with no expectations, practice of love, meditationphysical exercise and healthy diet can definitely improve, the way you vibrate. The duration of the session can be fixed by yourself, but the best results are possible when it's done regularly at least for 10 to 20 minutes. 

How you are benefitted: First of all, it's the healing procedure which is non surgical by nature. And you never need any kind of injections or inserting tubes or medication. It doesn't have any kind of negative side effects which can be seen during medication. The healing touch practice never needs any sort of equipment or settlement. All you need  is a good heart and service orientation. When you do healing touch on a regular basis, it's going to give you a lot of therapeutic benefits. The most important benefit, you get is the fact that you can control your emotional fluctuations. Your life becomes stronger especially when you can control your emotions. This is how you can be free from depression, anxiety, craving for certain food items or anger disorders. The emotional balance, you keep gets reflected throughout your life. And this is how you can achieve your desired goals of weight loss, abstinence from smoking, drugs or alcohol. Your memory can be directly linked to your nerve cells and disruption in the nerve cell generation can definitely result in memory loss. Healing touch technique, practiced on a regular basis can activate deep relaxation response in your nerves. The technique helps your nerves, tendons, muscles and organs relax and rejuvenate. And this is how you become free from dementia and stress disorders. It activates the spirituality lying dormant inside. And you can feel that you are way beyond your body. With spiritual awakening, you have a changed vision in terms of your life. You feel more  connectedness with the Universe. Healing touch is the best technique with which you can easily get relief from both physical and emotional pain. Healing touch technique is also the best means to beat insomnia and you get restful sleep. The healing touch technique amplifies the energy flow in your energy field in such a way that it improves your immunity power and the level of consciousness. This is how you become more powerful mentally and physically... 


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