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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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What is your Intuition?

You, actually speaking, are a gamer in a simulated reality game of evolution. You have taken a body to learn more about physical experience which triggers your further evolution. Without a body, you can't experience all theses things, you do with a body on. Soul is the identity, you make from each birth cycle, which is different from one birth cycle to another. 

A) Gamer who doesn't even know that it's the game: You start your new birth cycle in such a way that you are not aware about your past birth cycles. It's because of the simulated oblivion which helps you become more focused on the current soul, you are doing. You forget the fact that you are a unique, eternal pitch of vibration that's full of the Universe. And now operating as a program, run by the quantum consciousness for its mutual evolutionary process. You get engulfed by the simulated life pattern in such a way that you believe that you are a body. With a body on, your sense of selfishness grows and you tend to forget the unity around. You tend to avoid the intuitive guidance within, which is the unfiltered part of your consciousness and your acquired vibratory knowledge via many simulated birth cycles and stay more focused on your misperception. In other words, you totally stay forgetful of the game, even when you have the active involvement in the game. 

B)Gamers, being controlled by the mind: As a gamer, your universal consciousness is thoroughly filtered by the brain. You tend to believe what you get to see or hear rather than what is true. And your perception is totally different from someone else's. A materialistic order slows down your spiritual awakening process which is the evolutionary signature, you acquire via multiple birth cycles. You are always controlled by the emotions which are triggered by the outside stimuli. Your life is the reflection of your reality in the mind. Understand the fact that, that reality is yours only because people make different realities. You are all the time disturbed by the external elements or situations. But, actually speaking, it's not the external elements but your own judgement or thought process about them makes you disturbed. The first step, you have to take is stop letting the circumstances disturb you. When you are inside a body, your vibration is susceptible to the external stimuli which trigger your thoughts. The amplification of the thoughts can cause your feelings or emotions that could trigger necessary actions accordingly. You forget the fact that you are born to control your mind and thought process rather than let the mind control you. You can use your universal consciousness for that. A gamer who's controlled by the mind gets easily agitated when it comes to the life situations. This is how you become uncontrollably angry, upset, worried or depressed. You spend time, getting worried about your future or getting depressed about the past events. Instead of understanding your unique characteristics, you want to copy someone else's life style. And tend to compete with others in whatever you do. A selfish life makes you greedy and always you are thinking about your own advantage. For you, that's what matters more, no matter what happens to others. You fail to assess the unique value of everything. And always build your life pattern which follows some hierarchical order where you treat everyone with inferiority and superiority complexes. A gamer, focused on the illusion of separation is more likely to follow the path of violence. The mind is always susceptible to the programs, it takes in, via the visionary or auditory stimulus that you have been undergoing since childhood. This plays an important role in making you who you are actually. This is how you sometimes get directed to the offtrack tendencies of being a smoker, alcoholic, terrorist, criminal, rapist or an agitator. The gamers who are more focused on the mind can easily hide their true personality and usually they project a fake personality that they want people to see. These gamers display their own idealized versions whenever they interact or address society. These fakers hide their core or authentic selves because that's what makes them feel more vulnerable and they don't want to be criticized or ill treated. You have to wait for long for the possible situations to come in, to identify the true nature of such people. But a spiritually awakened person can easily get insight into their true nature with the help of their intuitive guidance. 

C) Gamers, being controlled by the heart: Your thought process is triggered via the perception, being processed through the visionary, auditory, olfactory or haptic stimulus which could not be true always. When you give extra focus on your thoughts, actually speaking, it's the extra work, you give to your heart. This is how you get engulfed by the emotional fluctuations. Amplification of your thoughts can make you worried, grieving, depressed, stressful or totally upset. These are the negatively recharged emotional outbursts that can cause your heart diseases, high blood pressure or cardiac arrest. Stress is actually your enemy in the making, which can make you smoke more or drink alcohol more or overeat or cause physical inactivity. When you are angry, anxious, stressful or depressed, your brain produces a lot of stress hormones which can increase your blood pressure including the blood sugar level. But your system is normalized the moment when you subside the stress. But if you are focused on a particular thought pattern, your brain does have the tendency to accept it as a programed input. For example, if you nurture the habit of getting agitated, angry or upset easily, your entire system gets used to it and when you continually make the chance like this to be stressed out, your body doesn't get a chance to be normalized or recovered. This is how you develop a number of physical and mental issues. When you are focused more on your heart, your thoughts get amplified into your emotions, which could trigger some actions accordingly. And you fail to think above your emotions. This is how you are cheated or ill treated. You go gullible and can easily be fooled or tricked by someone else. 

How to play the game: This is what most of you don't know and as a result, coaching in terms of that is hardly seen. First of all, know the fact that it's a game. And you did pre plan the course of it with your soul family members even before you were born here, which you tend to stay forgetful out of the simulated oblivion. But the thing is that you can make decisions in terms of altering the pre-planned process by using your free will while the core elements of your life cannot be changed as it's the result of your karmic quality from the previous birth cycles. Unlearn things, you have learned so far through the societal mis-programing. And try to grow from the inside out. Follow your intuition and passion. Always do things on your highest excitement with zero expectations. Always believe in yourself before whatever you do. Otherwise, it couldn't have any effect. Try to listen to others to the maximum possible extent before you utter something. Always think way before you write and speak. Make sure that you tried many ways to the maximum possible extent before you quit. Make sure that you earn before you spend. Monetize your passion as you are living in a cash based society. Consider your body as an asset and do exercise regularly. And follow healthy diet to the maximum possible extent.  Avoid the tamasic food and people. Clean your body regularly and maintain regular sleeping patterns. This is how you make your body function much better. Start your day with a five-minute meditation where you program the life, you want. And this is how you can  achieve the muscle memory in terms of the actions, you have to take for that. Practice love with 100% service orientation with zero expectations. 

A changed view: What you think about life is totally different from what others think about it. Understand this simple principle. And follow what you really want in life no matter what others say or think about it. It's the world of tricksters and fraudsters. Always follow your intuitive hits whenever you deal with people, be it men or women. React strongly wherever needed. The more you keep silent, the more mess sometimes, you have to deal with. Never enforce any sort of violence towards anyone or anything. But violence can be done for self defense. It doesn't elicit any sort of negative karma. Let go of everything, be it sadness or happiness and focus on what's happening now. Don't unnecessarily fight against anything because whenever you fight against someone or something, actually speaking you are adding power to what you fight against. Fight for the absolute necessity and the truth as it's worth the value. Leave everything as if nothing happened to you. Always remember that the first step of healing is never minding what's happening. Avoid fear from your life. Activate your power inside. Your skills are as pervasive as the Universe is. The more you discover, the more about yourself is revealed. You are full of the Universe. And whatever you have ever wanted always lies on the other side of fear. Never keep over thinking about anything because the moment you do it, it adversely affects your mood and it will make everything much worse than how they really are. Keep your faith and believe in yourself and do things with highest excitement and this is how you can alter the existing reality 

A changed action: When the thoughts are changed, it's supposed to be reflected on your actions too, otherwise, you can't call it a change.  Undertake actions against the societal mis- programing, you have been a victim to. It lowers your vibratory value. It makes you think that you are not so powerful, you have to be fearful always or you are not so beautiful. Program your brain, the way you want via meditation, or lucid dreaming every single day and it's going to be reflected on your life through actions later. Achieve the  heart & brain coherence. Make the most of yourself. Dress the way, you want. And recognize that you yourself are the source code for your happiness. Try not to make any excuses. Always act on your highest excitement and move ahead and never get worried about the results. What you put out is always given back to you in the same coin. Let go of anger and fear which are simply the part of your feelings that will come and go. But the moment, you hold on to them, they are going to make your life crippled. Always be honest and direct. As a result, everything is likely to be smoother. Actually speaking, life is so simple, and it's you who make it more complicated. Practice forgiveness and start to listen to people. Understand people's situations and behave accordingly instead of imposing your views or emotions on people. Be helpful for others in whatever ways you can. And always try to be polite. The Universe doesn't hold anything valueless. Everything is unique. Respect yourself and others. Everyone is getting evolved through a body and everyone is full of the Universe. And educate yourself. Every single fault or mistake or experience, be it good or bad is a lesson for you. You are the best teacher and student for yourself. Make necessary improvements wherever needed. And do things, taking into account how much people deserve. Nothing is allowed to be wasteful, be it your thought, emotion, or action. Always practice love...