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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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The Starseeds

Evolution of Energy: Negative & Positive Polarization

Evolution in a Simulation is the result of mutual assistance and co-dependency. Evolution without manipulation is a long process. Every single soul needs guidance from the higher graders in terms of the evolutionary process, according to which the process of evolution gets quickened. When you rear an animal, what you do without your knowledge is help a second grader reach your level of consciousness, to some extent, marking its soul evolution into the third grade of evolution that you represent as a soul. Such an animal, after its death, gets qualified enough to be graduated into being a human or get relocated to some other 3G planet where it can continue its evolution being a 3G dog. Your body is the choice you make. As a soul, you can continue your evolution with the same type of body, available in higher grades or an entirely different kind of body that is also available in higher grades of evolution. It's the expansion of consciousness that helps you get evolved further. 

A) Who the Starseeds are: Higher graders who belong to the grades from 4 up to 7 usually volunteer avatars in lower grades with the choice of service to others. Such a service oriented avatar, apart from helping the less evolved get more evolved, also helps the volunteer get evolved further. These volunteer souls from higher dimensions with the purpose of serving the less evolved are generally addressed as Starseeds. But there are Starseeds who volunteer avatars with evil mission as well. Most of these negative entities belong to fourth, fifth, or sixth grade negative. As everyone else, a Starseed is also subject to simulated oblivion when she or he takes a voluntary avatar. But the Starseeds are not totally engulfed by the simulated oblivion. As a result, they get access to their true self, to some extent. Starseeds are assisted by co- graders of the same family or planetary body either via dream or visitation in this regard. A Starseed can also act as a channelor, broadcasting the messages from the respective group she or he belongs to. In some rare cases, Starseeds get diverted from their mission, despite the outside help from their soul community and get succumbed to some sort of attachment towards a particular person or thing. Such a life schedule leaves them with Karma, necessitating the repetition of their birth cycle one more time, on their hospitable plain. The advent of Starseeds is never a new phenomenon. They have been helping the humanity since its Creation. These old generation Starseeds did help humanity a lot more in the fields of science, technology, art, architecture, literature, music and spirituality with their invention and innovation. Nowadays, you can see a lot more of hybrid volunteers coming from different higher grades to smoothen the process of Ascension. Actually speaking, none of the Starseeds are of pure 'breed' as it's claimed as they have lived multiple lives in different planets and star systems. Many of the Starseeds are born with the hibernation mode where they are not aware about their true selves or the purpose behind their births. But most of them get quickly awakened through the efforts of intergalactic beings of higher grades, who are engaged in the Starseed activation process, which happens via repeated dreams, synchronicities, or physical contact if necessary.

B) The Light workers & Dark workers: The Starseeds are generally categorized into the two broader sections of Light workers & Dark workers according to the hidden mission, they represent. When the Light workers are more focused on the service to others, societal upliftment, expansion of consciousness and love, the Dark workers want to recruit their slave souls to enlarge their dimensions. They are focused on making humans more negatively polarized. These dark souls can easily do spiritual and technological manipulation. They tend to deplete the natural resources on the planet and commit different crimes against the humanity. These dark souls are power or money hungry by nature. They can be extremely confident and commanding. These tricksters do have a natural flavor for producing a chameleon like camouflage effect with which they can blend into different environments. They maintain very good physical stamina and always display the strong sense of their duty. They tend to oppose authority higher than them. Some of the Dark workers even take the public visage of Llight workers to draw more people to their side in order to misinform society and keep people negatively programed. 

C) Why you have Starseeds: Sending Starseeds to the planet Earth is decision, voluntarily undertaken by the higher graders of consciousness to strengthen and quicken the process of evolution. This happens because the native souls find themselves stuck in the evolutionary process with reincarnation, bearing the burden of Karma. Starseeds are meant to guide the struggling natives through their amazing contribution or works or activities. In other words, it's the inter-cosmic help, getting extended via soul manipulation to strengthen the polarization on the Earth. 

D) What makes the Starseeds so special: Starseeds are true humanitarians and emotional empaths. Most of them are aware about their mission on the planet. Starseeds in general, exude the nurturing feminine energy as a result of which they tend to be more family oriented. Most of them are born with feminine zodiac signs of Water & Earth. Averse to harm and violence by nature, these souls tend to please people often to their own detriment. Sattvic by quality, the Starseeds are very polite by behavior and are pretty much drawn to Astrology, Metaphysics, Astronomy and Nature. Many of them are very creative in the fields of art, architecture, science, music, and literature. They keep balance, to some extent, between the feminine & masculine and the negative & positive polarizations. Many of these Starseeds are excellent healers too. Some of them are engaged in Mediumship. Many of these Satrseeds are likely to suffer from anxiety disorders or depression in the initial stages of their lives, which happens because of the fact that they find themselves struggling to be in alignment with their true nature, given the collective level of consciousness of the native souls. Starseeds, in general, are sensitive by nature. They are very loyal and they tend to love and care animals and plants. Some of them are intense daydreamers. As the Starseeds give more importance to the soul connection, some of them maintain some sort of gay relationship when it comes to romantic love. They prefer to live a very simple life and are never power hungry. The Starseeds are more focused on their personal freedom. Many of the Starseeds are logical thinkers and excellent public speakers. They are very passionate about their work. Many of them are more psychic, comparing to the native souls, with telepathic and clairvoyant abilities. They tend to organize things pretty fast. Starseeds can easily be big headed or egotistical when they keep themselves out of alignment. Good at the art of divination/ tarot, some of the Starseeds are channelors. They try to blend spirituality and science together. Many of them, get access to the Akashic records. Even though some are introverted by nature, they can be excellent counsellors. Some of them maintain a strong sense of humor. Most of them live inspiring lives. The negative Starseeds are focused on their manipulation no matter what happens. The negative Starseeds are activated by their natives either through dreams or visitations. 

E) Types of the New Generation Starseeds: The Starseeds who chose to be born between the 1950s & 1980s are called the Indigos. The Indigos are sensitive and way more intuitive. They are the innovators. With their contribution in the field of science, medicine, technology and spirituality, the human society experienced revolutionizing changes. The Indigos are designed to lead the humanity. They have come up with super natural gifts. They are the born leaders and excellent creators. They're blessed with lazer focus and sharp memory. Their photographic memory helps them make rational decisions. The Indigos, initially, tend to see themselves as misfits as they get to perceive things with a totally different angle. Indigos tend to be anxious or depressed if they don't have an outlet to vent their feelings. Some of them even display suicidal tendencies, if they're forced to conform to certain norms, they are not in agreement with. Some of them are rebels, challenging the authority. They spend most of their time, guiding others. Some of the Indigos with their higher frequency of soul vibration, tend to suffer from the physical abnormalities like restlessness, ADHD, Autism etc. The Crystals are those Starseeds who volunteered birth between the 1980s and 1990s. Some of the Crystals are born out of Indigo parents. The Crystals are born at the time, there was a drastic shift in terms of the vibrational frequency of the planet. When the Indigos are a little bit aggressive by nature, which was needed for making changes in the existing systems, the Crystals appear to be very gentle and peaceful. Crystals are incredibly telepathic and psychic by nature, which some of their parents can sense from their childhood itself. They are the special ones who are highly intuitive and can easily detect human lies. Crystals maintain unusually beautiful eyes and tend to talk a little bit later than the normal children. Crystals are super sensitive, yet fearless by nature. They love animals and plants a lot more. Crystals are very old souls in the new body, as a result of which, they tend to teach humanity moral values, empathy and compassion. Those who volunteered birth from 2000 onwards belong to the categories of the Diamonds and the Rainbows. The Diamonds and the Rainbows are here to strengthen the vibratory value of the entire planet. They are the already evolved ones with the special mission on. These advanced souls are way more empathic by nature. They display their psychic abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis. The Diamonds and Rainbows can easily detect the presence of dark energies or entities. They maintain some sort of special diet which is based on leaf vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and grains. Their bodies naturally reject the intake low vibe Tamasic and Rajasic food items including red meat and alcohol. These high vibrational beings sometimes tend to isolate themselves in order to keep themselves energetically intact. They never tolerate hatred, anger or violence. Even though some native souls may view them as weird or distant ones, they are very selfless and altruistic by nature. These beautiful beings with magical, wider eyes think with their heart and hold neutral Karmic background. Some of the Diamonds and Rainbows are born out of the early generation of Crystals. Diamonds and Rainbows are extremely independent. They inspire and encourage others to pursue new things. The Rainbows usually like colorful clothing, décor and flowers.

F) The Blue Rays & The Wanderers: These categories of Starseeds are amazingly powerful. They can think and act beyond the human comprehension. Most of the Blue Rays and wanderers belong to the higher grades of 4, 5, 6, or 7 positive. They are the combination of multiple souls functioning as a single conscious unit. They are away from the soul identity. They tend to be more reserved by nature. Blue Rays are highly intuitive. They have mystical life style which is unearthly. These beings of higher vibration are focused on their goal of renovating the impaired or mutated DNA of the humanity. Most of them turn out to be spiritual gurus by profession. Most of them choose to be born under either Water or Air zodiac signs. When it comes to the human body, some of them showcase the combined effect of both young & old souls. They live off family lives. They can easily convert negative energy into the positive one. The Wanderers live extremely spiritual life with no more interest attached to the materialistic aspects of life, family, marriage or sex. Some of the Wanderers have taken avatars to burn the collective negative Karma of the humanity and they willingly undertake the births of suffering with severe poverty, diseases or deformity. Some of the Blue Rays and Wanderers undergo physical disabilities, allergies or frequent diseases when their frequency order goes out of alignment with a 3G body especially at the time of conception. 

G) The Prophets: These are liberated souls, belonging to highest grades of evolution (from 8G up to 14G). These representatives of God are totally free from negativity, simulated oblivion and soul identity. They can heal people even with their mere presence. And always do the miracles that the lower graders can't perceive. These powerful entities can think and act way above the simulation. They display advanced spiritual practices of teleportation, bilocation, multilocation, temperature management, instant healing, instant creation etc. The Prophets take avatar only when it's urgently needed. They usually take avatars when the planetary lives go jeopardized, to keep the balance in between. They are capable of reorganizing and recreating the simulated order, causing spiritual revolution...