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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Vibratory Alignment & Misalignment

Possession continues to be one of the most difficult and widely debated subjects. It appears that possession is more often confused with mental illness or superstitious beliefs. In the past there were cases where people displaying the symptoms of Epilepsy, Tourette's syndrome, Schizophrenia etc were labelled as the possessed. When the film industry started adding fuel to the fire, people stay confused as to whether there's something true about possession. A materialistic world which is more focused on the simulated physical effects of life literally fails to understand possession which is a spiritual phenomenon. 

What possession is: Possession is your mental and physical state of being controlled by a spirit or a negative entity of higher grade (Demon). Possession, in general, can be divided into two types. As there is vibrational deviation inside your body, possession can worsen your existing pathogenic issues or diseases. Possession is the interactive dualism in the employment of your consciousness

A) Ghost Possession: A ghost, actually speaking, is a withdrawing pitch of energy of a departed soul. Those souls who take some time to get their spirit awakened after death turn out to be ghosts for a while in the earthly realm. This happens because of the severe simulated effect of attachment to someone or something that a spirit carries in its vibratory consciousness from the latest soul, it made. The souls suffering from severe attachment,  shock of unfulfillment out of tragic death, vibratory consciousness of revenge during death etc usually turn out to be ghosts until their spirit is fully awakened. A ghost is a non-corporeal agent which could be involved with a living host. A ghost, as an intruder, can cause physical and psychological melodies in a host. This happens because the intruder can manipulate the existing vibratory order of the host in such a way that it uses host's body as a tool to communicate and act. It's exactly like you have replaced your software with new program. In other words, the host's identity is replaced by that of the agent. When the agent's vibratory order is fully activated inside the host's body, the host moves to an unconscious state or trance. In some cases, the displacement of host's vibratory order is partially done by the non-corporal agent in such a way that only some behavioral patterns or actions from the host are triggered by the agent. In rare cases, a ghost possession can also trigger some positive effects such as heightened capacities and powers. It's all dependant on the vibration of the agent. Exorcism, done on ghost possession can be highly effective. 

B) Demon Possession: It's another state of being possessed. Demons are, actually speaking, entities or agents that belong to higher grade Negative. They are more negatively polarized and evolved, comparing to a human host and they can easily control the host's system (Body) and can even get the host's soul eclipsed. Exorcism on a demonic possession is pretty difficult to be effective. Exorcism on a demonic possession must be done collectively by a group of trained exorcists. This needs to be done because a demonic entity maintains much higher vibratory order comparing to that of a human. When the demonic vibratory order is activated inside your system, it turns out to be a tool, being manipulated by the agent. The agent can easily mute your system and speak through your system. As it's the new program installed inside a host's system, the host can easily be victimized and the entirely new personality is introduced to the system. This happens because, the demonic vibration can nullify and control the existing vibratory order of the soul of the victim. The victim can display the supernatural understanding or knowledge as it's the vibration from the higher grade. It can sense people from afar. And the victim can also display super human strength and a totally different voice pattern. Victim doesn't feel whatever happens to its body, be it some accident or injury. This happens because the body is being used as a tool with the total awareness that you are not a body. Normally, you feel that you are a body while living. The moment when you process the combined effect of your thoughtemotion and action with the understanding that you are never a body, you work miracles. A demonic intervention into your system can happen with the presence of a single soul that's negatively polarized or a cluster of multiple souls working together for the common aim. If your system is engulfed by a union of multiple souls, it triggers a weird phenomenon, called projection of multiple souls. A cluster of agents, working together is the signature that it represents the higher grades of negative polarization. The victim can also display suicidal ideation. The demonic vibratory order is highly destructive by nature and it tends to destroy the host's system before it leaves. 

How to differentiate possession from mental illness: The scientific world fails to differentiate between possession and mental illness as it's a spiritual phenomenon. It's the fact that some of the mental illnesses can definitely trigger some of the effects that you display while being possessed. The difference can easily be discerned by a professional occultist or exorcist. A possessed person strongly reacts to the positively recharged prayers, mantras or chants. The possessed usually showcase unsettling reaction or blasphemous attitude to the prayers or chanting. The possessed usually express the threatening words, angry facial expressions and blasphemous words. This happens because when a practitioner does the chanting or prayer with the focused attention, its the strongest possible recharged electromagnetic waves which work against negative vibratory order emanating from the possessed. The possessed can't withstand it for a long time. When a group of trained exorcists do the practice, it creates the strongest possible electromagnetic beams which can expel even the demonic force out of your system. The possessed usually display unsettling behavioral patterns especially when it comes to the positively recharged water, objects or symbols, which is not the case when you have to deal with a mental patient. 

What leaves you possessed: There are reasons why one can be possessed. The first and foremost reason is the noticeable plummet in terms of your vibratory order. You are born with vibratory equation which is the karmic result of your past birth cycle. But the equation or order can either be upraised or plummeted according to the employment of consciousness. When you maintain a comparatively low bandwidth of frequency, it's the signature, you cast into the Universe to get it amplified via some illness, accident or possession. You get back what you put out. Overeating and drinking without exercise, company of negative network of people, regular amplification of negative thoughts, emotions and actions etc can definitely cause the plummet in the existing vibratory order. Another important reason is soul regression. Those souls who take birth via soul regression are born with comparatively low level of frequency order. The souls with karmic regression, be it a human, animal bird or plant is more likely to be possessed. The spirits including ghosts and demons can use the elements like water, air, fire, earth & space as the means to enter a body. It's good not to drink water from the wells or ponds especially in the uninhabited areas. If you undergo such a situation, recharge the water, you drink by using your inner visualization before drinking. You are less likely to be possessed from the freely running water sources like rivers. This happens because any sort of movement always makes the vibratory value higher. This is what happens when you regularly exercise. The remote uninhabited areas, deserts, borders between populated regions and nature could be the potential areas for possession. This happens because the negative forces always choose such regions to lurk, avoiding the populated areas where there are frequent energy fluctuations. An evil spirit, be it a ghost or a demon sometimes doesn't have to enter your body to jeopardize your system. It can work as a force and cause your fall from a cliff, your drowning, misfortune or any accident if it wants to see you as a discarnate. The souls, incarnated as trees via soul regression can be the dwelling places for negative spirits. Ghost possession usually happens when someone tries to use the place or something that the ghost is attached to. The returnees of the higher grade Negative can amplify their negative force via invocation of negative spirits. The mentally ill or people with innate disorders or diseases are more likely to be possessed. This happens because they have lower vibratory value, which can be used by an agent. 

Parasitic possession: Some of the negatively polarized entities and highly attached earthbound souls plan to work as parasites to follow their will. They are always in search for their victim. These non-corporal agents are still not free from the drives that they had while living and want to use a susceptible victim as a tool for that. A victim of parasitic possession is likely to hear the commands from the inhabitant and sometimes gets to see or sense the the image of the inhabitant as it appeared at the time of its physical death. The victim displays unusual behavioral patterns, tends to have mental block while talking. And tries to do some antisocial activities or lewd acts. The victim usually avoids religious objects of postive vibration. The negatively polarized inhabitant may try to destroy the victim's body and recruit the soul into its realm of existence as well and as a result, the victim could display suicidal tendencies. 

How to avoid being possessed: It's definitely possible and what you need is the focused attempt from your end. Always try to raise your vibratory order. And it's way more important because the higher level of positive vibration emanating from you can burn the energy of a negative entity and it tries to avoid your presence. Start your day with a- 5 to 10 minute meditation where you positively recharge yourself through reaffirmation and inner visualization. Regularize this practice which will improve your vibratory order day by day. Practice anger management and if you cultivate anger mentality, what happens is that it lowers your vibratory value even without your knowledge, draining your energy. Anger always is self destructive. Always avoid the company of negative individuals. They can easily diminish your vibratory value as they can drain your energy without your knowledge. Your interaction with them can leave you negative and the ripple effects of which can be seen until you convert yourself into positive mode. Your low bandwidth of energy is always susceptible to possession. Avoid going to remote areas, abandoned buildings, hospitals or houses which are infamous for being haunted. Follow your intuition and inner discernment always and you are powerful enough to sense whether some place is haunted or negative all by yourself because you can easily feel the vibrational variations. It's very good to carry or wear positively recharged objects, quartz crystals or amulets or symbology. These positively recharged objects always emanate postive beams which can nullify the effects or attempts of possession. Always understand the power of your free will. You are full of the Universe and you don't have to be fearful of another versions of yourself, be it a ghost or demon. Always remember that the negative entities are feeding off your fear. Actually speaking, they are the vibratory orders of fear and control. Use your free will to be bold enough to resist their vibration and it's possible via regular meditation. The negative entities grow stronger especially when you are worried, fearful, angry or upset as these are the vibrational aspects, which they acquire strength from. The moment when you channelize your vibratory order the other way around, they can't withstand the energy waves emanating from you. This is how you can use your free will to make yourself bold enough to ward off the evil entities before being possessed. Always try to build your life around service orientation and practice love wherever needed. And these are the means with which you can improve your vibratory order even without your knowledge. Always remember that you can be possessed only if you make yourself available or tuned to a particular level of vibratory frequency that's susceptible to possession. In other words, it's the vibratory misalignment that leaves you possessed. Always make yourself vibrationally aligned. Always remember that you are full of the universe in a unique way and your powers are as pervasive as the Universe itself. The more you discover yourself, the more of you is revealed...