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IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

IELTS Coaching/Life Coaching Center in Palakkad, Kerala, India

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What is Occult?

Why do you struggle?
What is Occult?

Occult is the mystical practices of energy manipulation with which you achieve your desired goals. Actually speaking, it's the knowledge and practice of how the natural laws are at work in a simulated Universe. Everything is pure conscious energy vibrating in different frequencies. And with a simulated body, you always get a simulated view that's not correct at all. But it's needed for your experience out of a particular body, which becomes the signature of your evolution

What occult actually is: It's the actual science with which you can understand more about the inter-cosmic laws of energy manipulation. The occult way of life is totally different from the mainstream life. It's the pure application of universal law of energy that has been kept hidden from the general public so that those who know and practice it can easily manipulate the rest. Generally speaking, people think that there's something negative, involved in occult practices. But actually speaking, occult is the pure artistic science about the laws of simulation and how it's used is according to the practitioner's mentality. It's like you can use the same knife to slice a cake and slit someone's throat. It's not at all a negative stream of practices. But according to how it's done, occult can be divided into two large sections. The dark occult is where energy manipulation is done, aimed at the negative purpose. In the meantime light occult focuses more on the positive employment of energy. The following are the basic points, occult is more focused. 

A) There's only one being in the entire cosmos: According to occult, there's only one living being that is inter- cosmic by nature. And this divine being is exploring itself through difference so that it gets more evolved and experienced. What it literally means that there's no difference between you and God. You are full of the Universe in your unique way. It's definitely not a digestible point. But that's the quantum truth. Your evolution becomes the evolution of the Universe itself. You are way more valuable than you have ever thought about yourself. If you are full of the Universe, think about the hidden skills and powers lying dormant inside you. You literally take multiple simulated birth cycles to achieve your true potential. Life is actually a rediscovery of yourself with a simulated perspective. Never ever think that your powers have been limited with a body on. Actually speaking, you can do a lot of things with a body on, which is never possible without a body. Body is your tool for evolution. You are powerful enough to take multiple bodies to achieve your goals. You expand your sense of consciousness through your tool of body. The problem is that once you are inside a body, your consciousness gets thoroughly filtered by the brain, which is one of the system complexities. This is what makes you stay forgetful of your true potential. You get engulfed by the simulated effects of life in such a way that you grow worried, fearful and upset day by day. Most of you, with a body on, forget who you actually are and why you are living. Many of you take multiple birth cycles to be spiritually awakened. Occult is the short way through which you learn more about yourself. 

B) Energy can be manipulated: Occult is the practical aspects of spirituality. Everything is energy including yourself and as a sentient being, you are capable of manipulating the existing energy. You are powerful enough to recharge yourself or someone or something negatively as well as positively. You are a pitch of energy and consciousness is they through which you use the existing energy. It's the employment of consciousness that makes the energy recharged and converted. Energy in itself is neutral by quality. Actually speaking, you are a pitch of inexperienced, neutral energy that is experienced and evolved through different souls. A simulated life cycle makes you capable of converting your energy the way you want, no matter whether it's positive or negative. If the existing energy is positively converted, you get the positive results while negatively converted energy brings negative results. You can program yourself or others the way you want, for which the symbols, rituals, images, idols, recitals etc can be used as the metaphorical aids to concentrate on employment of your energy. Through the repeated practice and meditation, you can acquire your telepathic skills and can also do the thought implantation. You do all these, with the awareness that you are full of the Universe. And this is how the energy manipulation becomes possible especially when most of the people who don't know anything about it. The more self aware you are, the more powerful you become and the more energy you can manipulate. If all of the people are as self aware as you are, energy manipulation is never possible. That's why the occultists prefer not to reveal the hidden laws of simulation, called the occult practices. 

C) Invocation and fortification of energy: In a simulated game of life, evolution is based on the concentration of your energy. Energy can positively or negatively be polarized and the polarized energy is subject to one more division which is based of the quality of its vibration. And it's the feminine & masculine polarization. In the evolutionary ladder, there are higher graders and lower graders. The higher graders always try to expand their field of existing by recruiting more of the members from the lower grade of evolution, based on their specific polarization. In other words, there are negatively and positively evolved entities who can support the fortification of your energy. A positively polarized person can invoke the power of positively evolved entities who can keep the energy more fortified. The same way, a negatively polarized invoker seeks the help of negative entities for guidance and for the fortification of negative energy within. With the practice of invocation, what happens is that you get more focused on your goals with the newly acquired confidence and these entities (the invokees) amplify your level of energy and make you more result oriented. The invokees can help you achieve the desired outcome, manipulating and creating the favorable circumstances, you need. Here, what literally happens is the fortification and amplification of the existing energy. With the help of your invokees, you can create the combined beam of electromagnetic energy that's fortified with external assistance. Such a beam of energy is so powerful that it can transform matter or manipulate the existing frequency level of matter. Invocation, done through upasana is your attempt to channelize more energy directly from the Universe so that you are more energized and focused on your goals. Such a fortified energy level always gives you the muscle memory about the necessary actions, you have to take in terms of your goals as well. 

D) The programed mind control: A normal human being gets 95% of the consciousness filtered by the brain. And most of the people tend to ignore the intuitive guidance directly from the Universe. An occultist who knows it can easily manipulate your consciousness and implant the programed ideas that your brain can process. In other words, an occultist can easily make you fearful, upset, tired, angry or jealous. And the occultist can also make you more energetic, confident and powerful. A normal human is subject to their manipulation, be it positive or negative. There's no need for an occultist to meet you in person to program your brain the way they want. It can remotely be done with your images or any object closely related to you, like your strand of hair, a piece of jewelry or cloth, you wear. It works amazingly because everything is energy. What they literally do is directing the programed thought process towards you through focused repetition via meditation and rituals. These professional practitioners painstakingly repeat and focus on what they intend to do until they get to see the practical results on you. They can also change the way you vibrate through making you exposed to the materials which have already been powerfully recharged via professional practice. In other words, they can change your mindset, via recharged food items, water, some objects placed next to you, your photos or recitals, repeatedly done on you with the inner visualization of the desired outcome. This works because of the fact that energy can influence energy easily. And your whole body including your heart, brain and gut works as antenna to be tapped into the universal energy. The occult, done with focused attention can easily bring out the desired results. An occultist can make you clash with someone else, make you have romance with someone else and make your business collapsed via your own programed unruly actions. 

E) The objectification of energy: An occultist objectifies energy in order to achieve more focus. An occultist analyzes everything on the basis of vibration. Everything is a pich of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. The vibration can be manipulated, which is going to affect matter that is the result of how energy vibrates. An occultist can manipulate the way you vibrate via focused rituals, recitation, mantras, symbology (Yantras) and recharged objects. When you consume positively or negatively recharged food items, or when you place yourself next to recharged objects, or when you wear recharged objects, your vibratory equation is slightly changed and it affects your overall neurochemistry. The more you let yourself get exposed to recharged food items or objects, the more you get influenced by them. Moving on, your entire vibratory equation is manipulated in such a way that you become the tool for the occultist's desired outcome. An occultist can also make you vibrate positively or negatively via remote-recharge. In other words, an occultist can objectify the energy of someone or something by means of some other objects like your photos or any other materials or even objectified inner visualization to recharge and change your vibratory equation, the way they want. 

F) The repercussions of occult: The entire Universe is holographic by nature and it exactly works like a mirror. You get back what you put out, be it negative or positive. The occult is the pure field of cosmic knowledge, the results of which are based on how you use it. If you use it for the evil purposes like spoiling someone else's life, job, family matters, relationships, business etc, you await the same results and the negative use of occult is so powerful that it can leave your soul negatively polarized. If the existing negative karma exceeds the entire vibratory frequency of your existing soul, the results get extended to your next soul (birth cycle). The same way, you can use occult for positive purposes too. It can also be used for re-energizing someone, strengthening family matters, education, relationship, business, purification of a particular place, reducing the negative effects of your astrological calculations, healing others etc. The occult, done with the service mentality with zero expectations makes sure that you are positively more polarized in such a way that you get graduated into the higher grades of evolution. 

The nullification of occult: The occult, done against you can also be nullified. And this happens because of the fact that energy never maintains the same level of vibratory equation always even though it's possible via the practiced employment of consciousness. Energy is always influenced by energy. If someone or something is negatively recharged, you can get the effects nullified via recharging the same positively and vice versa. The effect of occult in your life is dependent on how the practitioner does it and how high you have set the way you vibrate. Always try to improve your vibratory frequency. A service oriented life with zero expectations and the practice of love can easily make you vibrate at your best. If the occult, someone has done on you falls below the level of frequency, you maintain, it goes nullified. The frequency of the occult, practiced is measured in terms of the focus and intensity of the intentions, employed by the practitioner during the occult act. This is what generates the strongest possible beams of electromagnetic waves that can change the way matter vibrates including your level of consciousness. It's good to wear the additional protective layers or tools like positively recharged pendants, crystals etc which can protect you from the dark occult to a greater extent. Whenever you get free time, it's recommended that you have to get yourself exposed to high vibrational places like Nature, devotional places like temples, churches or mosques and to a network of positive people. This is how you can increase the level of your vibration via a step by step process. Start your day with a 5 to 10 minutes of meditation where you can have the inner visualization, plus reaffirmation that you imbibe energy directly from the Universe and imagine that it makes a protective layer both inside and outside you and repeat the practice every single day, possible. It's going to strengthen your aura and the overall frequency level. Always strengthen your intention that you are full of the Universe and you are capable of manipulating the energy around as much as everyone else can...